What is a Voice User Interface and why is it really needed?

Definition of VUI (Voice User Interface)

The main problem of VUI: vision is our dominant sensory organ

Basics of VUI design

Designed for mobile devices or IVR systems?

The mobile approach has to be primary when designing a VUI

  1. The Voice User Interface is a sound version of the graphical / text interface,
  2. According to the purely mobile approach, the VUI is a stand-alone interface.

Advantages of a multimodal interface

Dialogue-based planning of the VUI

Most dialogues through VUI are actually answers to a singular question

Base your VUI design on the user

Tools for VUI design

Let’s prepare for a multi-circle dialogue!

Use (chatbot) design software

Dialogflow is one of the strongest competitors

Adobe XD offers a complex tool

Voiceflow does not require programming knowledge




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