UX-UI collaboration: augment your team onsite, or remotely

Providing effective solutions

When it comes to UX-UI, the same applies, whatever phase a project is at. Many companies embarking on UX-UI recognize that it could be useful to bring in external expertise, but how best to integrate that and provide the most effective solutions?

The beginnings of collaboration

Researching the product

Ergomania’s approach is to always research how the product could be even better. With so much knowledge of Fintech and crypto, valuable feedback is available, derived from 20 years of experience with over 200 clients around the world. The beneficiary of this cumulative know-how is always the latest client. It’s an iterative, building-on-strengths approach. That’s not to say that solutions are ‘off the peg’ — far from it, but being able to draw on deep experience provides a powerful assist.

Getting heuristic with it

Not every culture or demographic will respond in the same way: Senior citizens don’t have the visual acuity of younger people, and some territories will likely have a blend of languages (for example in Switzerland, or many African countries). There are also regulatory and other restrictions which need to be accounted for in different areas, so a simple ‘one size fits all’ is rarely possible. At least not initially. It is therefore part of the Ergomania brief to untangle these differences and create a User Interface and User Experience which is as universal, and as simple to engage with as possible. In the assessment stage Ergomania highlights potential problems, and provides written or visual solutions.

The unknown unknowns

Such work is often used at the start of projects, but is also employed throughout the development of a product, and frequently forms part of the cross-checking which must be done as the implementation stage nears. Now ‘polishing’ also comes into the frame, with Ergomania designers engaged in finalizing the complete set of screens being created. Here again the company’s vast knowledge of Fintech and banking applications is a great bonus, as the team leverages its experience to produce the best UX-UI possible.

Testing, testing, 123

The people part

Developing empathy

Recent work includes projects for BNP Paribas Fortis in Brussels with a 60–70% onsite presence; Finnoconsult in Vienna with 60% onsite in the beginning, gradually lowered to 20% once trust and working procedures were established. At the lower end of the onsite scale, TreasureUP by Rabobank in Utrecht required just one onsite meeting, with good team chemistry and strong online presence fulfilling all subsequent needs.

Onsite, Remote, Nearshoring

The concept of nearshoring isn’t new, but it’s definitely now of its time. If your project is in Amsterdam — for example — why not collaborate and merge with a team in Budapest? The skills are easily as good as in Holland, the common international language of English is fluently spoken in both countries, and then there’s the cost: Just as offshoring has always offered reduction in labor costs, so too does nearshoring. Clients get the same skillsets for less outlay, and as a rule of thumb, travelling eastwards generally reduces cost. Travel too far east however and the benefits also steeply reduce, with lowered skills, experience, and linguistic abilities. Hungary comes right in the sweet spot of nearshoring cost advantage, coupled with abilities and experience which matches those of any other European country.

Always different

Originally published at https://ergomania.eu on August 6, 2020.



Ergomania Product Design (Gold partner of FinTech Belgium) specialises in FinTech, UX research, UX — UI design and Service design. https://ergomania.eu/

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Ergomania UX

Ergomania Product Design (Gold partner of FinTech Belgium) specialises in FinTech, UX research, UX — UI design and Service design. https://ergomania.eu/