Everything becomes manageable without touch: the effect of COVID-19 pandemic on VUI(voice user interface) developments

Voice-based treatment is the future

What is a VUI?

Contact-free use has been present for longer than we might think

Present and future of voice management

Voice-based solutions initially benefited the blind, the partially sighted and the disabled

Voice-Based Control at Home: Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Assistants

The spread of the VUI will accelerate in the near future

One of the foundations of modern UI design is the voice-based approach

Ergomania is at the forefront of VUI development



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Ergomania UX

Ergomania UX


Ergomania Product Design (Gold partner of FinTech Belgium) specialises in FinTech, UX research, UX — UI design and Service design. https://ergomania.eu/