How easily users can find the content they are looking for on a website and how easily they can solve the planned tasks is affected by the actual cognitive load required to use the site or application. These can be physical in nature, like having to scroll too much or click far too often on the site. But just as important is the cognitive load that uses our intellectual resources and that determines our mental processing performance.
More about the physical load of clicks can be read in our previous article, “The Price of Interaction.” …

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed not only our social behavior but also the way ordinary objects are used. In a situation where touching different devices carries a risk of infection a hand sanitizer is often a rarer commodity than truffle, as people think twice about what to touch.

But smart devices have become part of our lives to such an extent that checking messages has become just as automatic as scratching our noses. And in times of a pandemic, both can be dangerous.

Voice User Interfaces are present in many areas of life. Sometimes they are especially useful, for instance when contactless use is paramount: during an epidemic, in a public area, or at any time in an isolation ward of a hospital.
In other cases, they can be quite annoying, especially if we have to cope with a poorly designed and/or incorrectly conceived interface. Is there anyone out there who has never been upset by a telephone customer service system?

Naturally, it is not the VUI itself that is flawed, rather the faulty design and the badly structured workflow. Moreover, these types…

Imagine designing a new car. There are a gazillion things to consider, including what function it will have — sporty, family run-about, off-road? How many passengers, how will it be powered, what safety features are needed, and can it be future-proofed? Such questions, plus many more, will precede what a lot of us might think of as car design — the ‘art part’ of beautiful curves and blended colors. In fact the art part comes very late in the process.
As with cars, so too with UX workshops in product design, as practiced by UX-UI agency Ergomania.

Providing effective solutions

How do you go about building a rocket to take you to Mars? One answer is: very carefully. Another is: check out if there’s a YouTube video. These strategies will not be enough to reach your goal however — in-depth, specialist knowledge is required. You know that it’s theoretically possible to reach the red planet because others have already done it, but the chances are that you’ll need expert help. It’s time to augment your team, sooner rather than later, even if the project is already up and running. …

The African fintech scene is growing at pace, with radical and innovative offerings that increasingly place the continent in the global mainstream.

Think of Africa. Big isn’t it? Thinking of Africa may bring to mind many stereotypes, depending on your own culture and age. Do you think of terrible conflicts, and the need for charitable intervention? Do you think of vibrant transformation and modernization?

About 16% of the world’s population lives in Africa, occupying 20% of the earth’s land area. That’s more than China, Canada and the USA put together. The African continent comprises 54 countries, with up to 3,000…

If your company has a UX project, and it does not have (enough) specialized designers, it’s a no-brainer to go and hire an agency or consulting firm for that work. But where do you find that agency that’s best for you? Well maybe you should look around in places you wouldn’t normally do.

Outsourcing is a common practice in all industries. Why pay a lot to companies in your country, when you can get the same quality of work done by a professional on the other side of the world — and for way less? While this is true in…

Here at Ergomania Product Design Agency, we work with companies to design applications and interfaces. We look for clients all around the world, mainly Europe, the Middle East, and the East coast of the United States. The service we most often provide is UX/UI design, however, we also assist in digital strategy, web design, web development, and graphic design. We have recently been named a high performing UX designer in Budapest, Hungary by Clutch.

For a long time, the big banks, the behemoths of the financial industry did not take the new financial (so-called fintech) service providers seriously. Not one bit. They were not regarded as serious competitors, they were the guide fish feeding on the scraps left by the shark in its wake. However, as these newcomers are beginning to grow, the big players cannot afford not to pay attention anymore, both financially and in regulatory aspects. …

Startup Live debuting in Budapest in October 4–6, sets its sights on no less than its slogan proposes: “Start a business over the weekend”. An international series of events bring together startups and industry-renowned professionals for a few days to help them mentor ideas into truly successful products. …

Ergomania UX

Ergomania Product Design (Gold partner of FinTech Belgium) specialises in FinTech, UX research, UX — UI design and Service design.

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